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3SC is a software engineering company based in the UK. It has been providing high quality fully bespoke software solutions and software tool integration components since 2002. With a strong team of experienced engineers in many industry areas, we pride ourselves in understanding customer requirements and providing high quality solutions.

driverless pods on guideway network
What we do


While our solutions include Case Management Systems and Information Portals, since 2005 our main focus has been on Personal Rapid Transit, providing fully autonomous vehicle control software.

We are arguably the only company in the world with the most detailed and comprehensive working knowledge of developing, delivering, operating and supporting a working fully autonomous Personal Rapid Transit system.

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A personal rapid transit system are small (4-6 seat) driverless vehicles that run on their own guideway network. Available on demand at designated stations, our vehicle management system ensures that PODs are available at stations as required, catering for peak capacity during rush hours, ensuring the smooth flow of people through the stations with minimal waiting time.

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Explore the first commercially proven example of
the “ULTra” Personal Rapid Transit System.



The Heathrow POD which has taken over 4.6 million passengers to and from Terminal 5 since 2011.

heathrow pod on guideway network