Autonomous Transit Network


3SC has around 100 years of combined experience in the design, implementation, commissioning, and operation of autonomous transit systems including the Heathrow POD which has been operational since 2011.

We are in a unique position to consult, advise upon and analyse new Personal Rapid Transit/Autonomous Transit Network and other autonomous transit offerings.

We are a trusted advisor to all licensees of the Ultra PRT product and other organisations working on autonomous systems around the world.

driverless pods on guideway network
We are particularly aware of Client’s concerns and the need for understanding on:

  • Capacity and throughput constraints: how can systems carry sufficient passenger numbers?
  • Batteries and range anxiety: how can systems maintain sufficient energy in vehicles?
  • Resilience to failure: network design, re-routing, and auto-recovery systems.
  • Operator and passenger interfaces: extent of human interaction.