3SC is a software engineering company based in the UK, providing high quality bespoke software solutions and software tool integration components since 2002.

integrated transport system


technical directorStuart is our Technical Director and founded 3SC in 2002. He started his career in a growing control systems automation company called Scomagg. Here, he learnt a great deal about designing and producing high quality bespoke software solutions for the steel, oil and gas and power generation and distribution industries (companies like British Steel, National Grid, BNFL, Lindsey Oil, East of Scotland Water).

He then went on to work for a Canadian IT company, Hummingbird Limited, providing technical support and bespoke integration software for Document and Information Management and Portal systems for legal and financial firms (like Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Macfarlanes, De La Rue, British Telecom).

Having accumulated a wealth of experience in a range of respected industries, he has now cultivated a refined team of skilled engineers, who have designed, developed and actualized ground-breaking technological solutions which permeate all aspects of everyday life.

The most significant of those being Autonomous Transport Control - a technology projected to completely transform urban landscapes as we know them today. Although Stuart can take pride in allowing Personal Rapid Transit Systems to emerge as an efficient and viable transport solution; it is the solidarity and ingenuity of the team at 3SC which has propelled the company forward.

At 3SC, 'the mobility of tomorrow' is not our only concern - our team of engineers can provide tailored solutions to a multitude of different industry sectors. If you've got a problem, we'll find the solution!

driverless pods on guideway network

"We are all focused on providing reliable, safe, maintainable, configurable and expandable solutions. We are incredibly proud of what we supply and are continually looking to improve what we do. Especially, the personal rapid transit pods which we believe to be a perfect 'Last Mile', integrated transport solution."


clean environment



climate commitment logo Human behaviour is increasingly becoming recognized as the derivative of the environmental destruction the world is facing today. Thats why we've joined the SME Climate Commitment, a global initiative that aims to propagate climate action in the small to medium sized business consortium, joining businesses, cities, regions, governments, and universities around the world in pursuing the United Nations Race to Zero.

We have agreed to:
  • Halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • Achieve net zero emissions before 2050
  • Disclose our progress on a yearly basis

Charitable Works

At 3SC, our business is built around core values of sustainability and inclusiveness. That's why we give back to the community, to ensure a better future for all and our environment.

charityCircus Starr are a charity that caters for children with additional needs, and families in challenging circumstances by hosting circus entertainment exlusively for them. This allows them to experience an inclusive, exciting and engaging magical show where every individual is free to be themselves!

environmental charityMoors For The Future are a charity focused on the protection and promotion of moorland in the UK; specifically the Peak District and South Pennine Moors. Whether it's enhancing habitats, improving water quality or reducing the risk of wildfire, Moors For The Future play an integral role in conserving the environment for our own benefit.

charityThe Children's Hospital Charity provide funding for Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust, allowing new facilities to be built and ensuring the correct support is given for the children, doctors and nurses who are battling unthinkable challenges every day.


“Having worked with 3SC Ltd for over 15 years on the successful Ultra PRT system for Heathrow (the Heathrow Pod as it is called) I can confidently say that they are a highly professional organisation. 3SC developed and supplied the Ultra PRT control system, taking it from the earliest steps of definition through to a staged testing programme to proving the final system. This success was, in my view, down to their adoption of a highly structured approach to the creation of software code. Especially important when the control system is for a driverless public transport system where passenger safety is paramount. A success story about which 3SC Ltd can be justly proud."


“We have worked with 3SC Ltd for over 5 years now, giving them support with providing services to their customers. We'd partner with them anytime!"

“I have worked with 3SC for over 5 years and have been impressed by their attention to detail, knowledge and dedication. They are always on hand via telephone or email and their response times are second to none. As our business changes, 3SC make the transition as smooth as possible. Nothing is too much trouble and I look forward to working with them for many years to come."